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The Dark Knight

AOC Universe Posted on 2008-08-02 14:19

Hello everybody and long time no see. We at AOC has been away for a well deserved vacation for some time, but now we are back fully rested and with our spirits strengthen. Is this a good thing? Well, feels like it at least….

So have you seen the new Batman flick; The Dark Knight? An extrodinary film and probably the best superhero movie to this date. But did you notice that the director, Christopher Nolan, has been inspired by AOC? Well, we thought you might have missed that but we will so kindly point it out for you. Nice, aren’t we?

About 1h 18min 30sec into the film the Joker expresses his excitement for his line of work by using the phrase: I Like this Job!

Well, now we aren’t that naive that we think Nolan has been inspired by our little amateur movie. But we can pretend, can’t we? It makes us feel connected with this masterpiece and that happens to feel rather nice right about now. Dispate the amount of truth in that claim.

Over and out….

Euro 2008

AOC Universe Posted on 2008-06-10 23:02

So, now Sweden has played its first match in the Euro 2008 tournament against the champions from 2004; Greece. And what a start! Victory with two goals against none and a nice team effort throughout the whole game. Maybe we are on to something big here…let us all hope…

Finally Zlatan scored a goal in the blue and yellow shirt, and what a goal it was. Surgically precise in the left side of the goal. It’s definetly a nice start if Ibrahimovic produces goals. But the best striker for the evening is without a doubt David Villa, who put the ball in the net three times in Spains opening match against Russia. The future of this group is now really interesting with Spain and Sweden standing on 3 points each and Greece and Russia at null. It will be fun to see what we can do against the “matadors” in the next match and how Greece and Russia will do in their match against each other. They both need to win to stand a chance on advancing. Interesting indeed…

Over and out.

Fan films…

AOC Universe Posted on 2008-05-24 15:05

Fans of all kinds has always existed, from Elvis wannabes to Marilyn Monroe look a likes. But the most fanatic fans you will find among the Star Trek and Star Wars community, we guess. These guys, and girls, arrange trade fairs, dress up like their favourites and more important in this case, create their own fan films. If you search the Internet you will find tons of films about these two space adventures and some of them is actually quite good. If you are interested in movies that take place in the Star Wars universe we suggest that you head over to TheForce.Net and check out their library of fan made film. A treasure box for sure.

Since the buzz of the day in the movie business spells; Indiana Jones, we like to recomend a fan tribute to the genre that has drawn most of its inspiration, and name, from the original trilogy. It claims to have some other inspiration sources as well, but it’s Jonesy that is the role model for the hero in the flick. The film is hosted by TheForce.NET and is called Doom Raiders. Make sure to head over there if you like the type of matinĂ© adventure that Indiana Jones stands for.

Of course we at AOC has drawn our pick to the stack when it comes to fan films. What is Odjuret if not a fan tribute to the Predator films and The Janitor is nothing but a homage to the Ninja films of the 80’s. So fan film floorish on the world wide web and has become more accecable then ever thanks to sites like Youtube and Break. And for that we should all be thankful….

We end it with a quote from James in I Like This Job:

“Ah, leftovers. Something for me…”

Over and out.

Crossover 2 – or movie videogames…

AOC Universe Posted on 2008-05-19 15:15

In the last post we discussed the poor results of when a great videogame was turned in to a feature film. This time the discussion will be about the other way around… And a little bit about Atari, as well…the “old” Atari, that is…

Nowadays it has become more and more common to transform a big blockbuster movie in to a videogame to try to profit more from its reputation. The end result of these conversion often lacks a little bit when it comes to quality and design. Okey, if we put it in a more straightforward way you can say that these games are actually pure garbage. The most shining example, and the one surrounded with most myths, is definitly Atari’s version of E.T. – The Extra Terrestrial to their VCS console, or 2600 if you prefer. It is often refered to as the “worst videogame ever made” and according to the myth Atari buried hundreds of thousands of unsold cartridges in a landfill. Another crappy movie to videogame is Titus interpitation of the fantastic film Robocop to Microsoft’s Xbox console back in 2003. This realy sets the low water mark when it comes to this genre. But when you thought that nothing could get worse, then Catwoman emerged to several formats. Rubbish, we say. Yes, rubbish..

So isn’t there any crossovers that at least comes up to the decent standard? Well, of course there is, but they aren’t a big crowd. One of the videogames that more then well classifies in to this group is The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay. A really good game, and then we mean REALLY GOOD, that was probably one of that years best game. All categories.

But the greatest conversion of them all is actually a crossover of a crossover of a crossover. Imagine that. It is Rebellions conversion of Alien vs Predator for the Atari Jaguar. This is actually a crossover between the two film franchises that is firstly hinted in the movie Predator 2. There you can see an Alien skull among the Predators trophies. This was secondly turned in to a graphic novel where the struggle between the two spieces took place on a newly colonized planet by mankind. Thirdly we have this fantastic videogame that actually has very little to do with the two movie franchises and the graphical novel. The player can choose if he like to play as an Alien, a Predator or a Colonial Marine. The objectives are a little different for each scenario but either way you play it is magnificant. If you haven’t played it you should definetly spend the time and effort that it takes to track a copy down.

Alien vs Predator, you might think. Isn’t there some films made on this subject? Don’t even get us started on how bad these two films are. Let’s just say that it is sad that those two films weren’t made with this videogame as it source material. Maybe they could have been at least watchable then.

So, it’s a great paradox that both the worst and the best movie to videogame actually is published by the same company to one of their own consoles. Okey, it’s not the same console but it’s Atari both times.

Well, that’s all for now. Until next time…

Over and out.


AOC Universe Posted on 2008-05-16 17:49

One of the greatest videogame series of all time is definetly Konami’s vampire chronicle; Castlevania, or Akumajou Dracula (Demon Castle Dracula) if you prefer its original naming, or Vampire Killer and Haunted Castle as it sometimes goes by. The series has very little to do with Bram Stoker’s version of the vampire lord and stands on its own inconsistent storyline. It tells the story of the Belmont family’s struggle against Count Dracula and his hordes of monsters. The first games in the series were action driven platform games but has since then evolved to become more adventure oriented. Almost every single game and incarnation has fantastic gameplay and every one that call him(or her)self a true gamer should have played at least one game in the series. If you haven’t experienced a Castlevania game yet, the recomendation is that you find yourself a copy of Castlevania: The Dracula X Chronicles for the Sony PSP as it combines the two high peaks in the series; Rondo of Blood and Symphony of the Night. Probably two of the best videogames ever made, dispate genre or format. Make sure you check them out…

Sometimes, more often lately(?), it happens that a videogame is translated into a live feature film, with varied result. Who dosen’t remember such low water marks as the Street Fighter movie with Jean-Claude van Damme and the Super Mario Bros. film starring Bob Hoskins? Not to mention our own love/hate object Uwe Boll who has brought BloodRayne, Alone in the Dark and House of the Dead to the silver screen. Horrific results of otherwise great videogames. Of course there exists some decent conversions like Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Doom and Hitman. But it would be stretching the line for what is and what is not a lie to say that any of them are great and fantastic films.

Now the time has come for Castlevania to get the treatment for its premiere on the big screen. Flip or flop? Probably flop, but hope is the last thing to leave a man, so it may turn out just as great as the videogame series. Since one of the creators of the film is Paul W.S. Anderson, the man responsible for bringing Resident Evil and Dead or Alive to the cinema, we shouldn’t hold that high hopes for the project. But no one is glader then us at AOC if we are proven wrong in this matter.

Why is it so hard to create a good movie out of a videogame? If we look at the comic books crossover to the big screen there are numerous of great films that has been made (and some really poor ones as well, Catwoman anyone?); Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, Sin City, 300 etc. So why is it so hard for a videogame to make the jump over? Well, if you think you have an answer or if you just like to mention some other bad videogame movie that has been made, drop a comment…

We end the post with a quote from our favorite film; I Like This Job:

“Don’t come any closer, or I jump…”

Over and out.

Sound of disaster….

AOC Universe Posted on 2008-05-10 20:42

A few posts back the subject was about acting in haste and in response to that this post will be about the slowness that sometimes occure in the world.

As the power of the computers has progressed it has become standard to use this magnificant machine when a film needs to be edited. “Non Linear Editing”, or shortly NLE, as it is called, has become a common thing and the market is owerflooded with programs that claim they can do this. The programs span from simple ones like Windows Movie Maker that comes with the Windows operating system to more advance programs for professional use like Avid Symphony. If you like to use one of the more advanced programs they usually demands more from your computer when it comes to raw CPU power, amount of RAM memory and the performance of your graphics card. Sometimes they also works better if you have set up your hard drives in a specific way. As usual its always the weakest component that sets the capability of your system.

One of the component not mentioned above is the soundcard. A good one together with a couple of real studio monitors can make a significant improvement in the editing phase of a motion picture as the sound is almost equally important as the picture.

When it comes to increasing the power of the computer the 64-bit technology has been introduced opposite the old 32-bit technology. The latest OS from Microsoft, Windows Vista, can be bought in both a 32- and a 64-bit version. The generation of OS before that, the XP, also exists in a 32- and 64-bit version. All is good this far since they both increases performance and is able to handle more RAM memory then their 32-bit counterpart. But now the problems occure…

Both hardware and software manufacturers hasn’t quite embrassed the new technology yet. The software programs aren’t optimized for the 64-bit technology and has to be run with a 32-bit emulator under a 64-bit OS. The hardware add-ons has no or crappy 64-bit drivers that make the product almost useless.

A clear example, if we combine whats mentioned above, is the soundcards from M-Audio. Great soundcards with excellent sound and great performance – if you have a 32-bit operating system. If you like to use a 64-bit OS, then you find yourself in trouble since there are no drivers relaeased or only BETA-drivers that doesn’t work properly. Sad but true. It’s hard to understand why it’s taking so long time to develop a 64-bit driver.

So why is this mentioned here? Well, all the films from AOC are edited on a computer that uses a M-Audio soundcard and the music from Cabante is made on another computer that also uses a soundcard from M-Audio. Both of these systems like to be updated to a 64-bit OS, but since there is no drivers for this yet, there is a problem. It’s frustrating not to be able to use the equipment to its full capacity.

So in response to the earlier post; sometimes haste can be a good thing. If you have experienced any similar problem, write a comment and tell us about it…

This calls for some wise words from James in I Like This Job:

“This is some hell of a piece of…”

Over and out.

New thing called “technology”…

AOC Universe Posted on 2008-05-07 19:11

Okey, we can agree that we are not all technology freaks. But this old film sequence take all the prizes, all catagories:

Pretty far from Steven Spielberg, Peter Jackson or James Cameron, but nevertheless it got its charm.

There is much to think about when you are making a movie to get the feeling and the composition right. We at AOC has not always keept everything in mind during principal shooting and that had made it a little bit tricky later on during the editing. But we have never claimed to be creating any acadamy award nominees. We have filmed because we have thought it was funny and entertaining. Maybe that was the case with the above clip as well and if it was they succeded tremendiously. It is very funny and entertaining…

Over and out.

Videogames 2

AOC Universe Posted on 2008-05-05 13:22

That we at AOC are interested in videogames we have established in an earlier post, but we like to add that in general we are also interested in the music from the videogames. As you might have noticed we used several tones from the “Last Ninja” trilogy in our roaring ninja flick; The Janitor. The music from those games, and particulary the first one, is probably the best known to the common public and is perhaps the best that has ever been written for a videogame. But there are other well known themes from other games and some people obviously has to much spare time on their hands. Just check these guys out and imagine how much time they must have put in to the preparations:

Then compare it to the original:

Pretty cool, wasn’t it? Well, its generally impressive when people put down time and effort to create something different. Check out this guy that plays the themes from “Super Mario Bros.”, “Tetris”, “Zelda” and “Star Wars” on a church organ:

Not to talk about this guy, that plays a variety of themes if you check out all his posts, who plays the theme from “Castlevania 2 – Simon’s Quest”:

Compare it to the original, if you like:

Well, that wraps it all up for this time.

Over and out.

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